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1st Place - Mike V 

Mike is from Pensacola, Florida (we think...but, because of the witness protection program we can't show his face) and rides a 2007 Harley FXD and he says, "If it ain't steel, it ain't real!" 

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2nd Place - Mark Ponzin

Mark is from Pensacola, Florida and rides a Kawasaki 636 Ruckus Edition with a full Faring Stunt Piece, Sick Innovations Cage, round bar, Hohey designs fear sets, hand brake, Scots Damper and a custom dented tank.

3rd Place - Chris Yarbrough


Chris is from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and he rides a 2007 Honda 1000rr with a custom paint job, zero gravity screen, pig spotters race rails, titanium exhaust, cucle cat rear sets, crg levers, ss lives, skull grips, vortex cap and lots of powder coat! 

Pensacola Hooters Bike Night Photo Gallery for April 1st, 2008

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The Rovin' Rider declares the DAYTONA WINGS to be  awesome! 

This above was an UNSOLICITED advertisement of a bulk avian pinna connoisseur.