Our goal is to spread happiness and joy by putting a smile on everyone's face. Regardless of your circumstances everyone should have a reason to smile and here it is! WIN $100 every month with different categories being announced each month. Win $100 simply by posting your smile "framed" with your hands.

Follow instructions very carefully because this is really high tech stuff! It requires a great amount of hand/eye coordination. Submit a new photo each month when the next category is announced. Post and share with your friends and help us spread happiness and put a smile on all your friends' faces.

It is proven science that people who smile and have a happy attitude live longer! Needless to say happy people are a lot better to be around. A negative attitude spreads like wild fire and can bring a whole group of people down faster than bringing a whole group of people up and motivate them to have a smile and spread a great attitude and look at the brighter side of their lives.

We are starting off with a category that will probably be repeated as time goes on, because the very first category is


The February 2020 contest winner's photo will replace the one seen above for the entire following month!

Attach your photo (.jpg or .gif format only) and email it today!

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