Po-Boy's Cruse-In @ Tillman's Corner Kfc

Po-Boy's Cruise-In @ KFC

(Tillman's Corner, AL, KFC)


1 - Click on any thumbnail picture you like, "thumbnails" are the small pictures you will see grouped together in a photo gallery,

2 -When the large picture finishes loading, place the cursor over the picture you want to download and click the "right" mouse button,

3 - When the Menu below pops up, click on the "Save Picture As..." option (Internet Explorer) below,

4 - Another Menu will pop up, select "Browse" and find the folder that you would like to save the picture in for future use and double click on it,

5 - Then click "Save" and the picture will be put in that folder,

5 - Enjoy,

If you need more information on the Po-Boy's Cruise-In at the Tillman's Corner KFC call the Po-Boy himself (JoJo Johnson) @ 251-367-6643